Press reviews

“Es solo Rock And Roll pero me gusta!”

“Without Warning” CD review by Necromance Magazine (ES), October 12th, 2017

“Their old school trash vibes with a sniff of rock ‘n’ roll and a lick of hardrock transpired to your author best as ‘Iron Maiden on speed’, and how Megasonic agree: their show felt like an adrenaline-fueled party trip across all heavy metal.”

Concert review by Shutterwall Magazine (BE), March 7th, 2017

“A healthy mix of styles, smart lyrics, excellent performances and the ability to put a huge great grin on your face.”

“Intense” CD review by Rocktopia (UK), January 9th, 2015

Concert reviews

07/03/2017 | Concert review by Shutterwall Magazine (BE) | Visit Shutterwall

18/10/2016 | Concert review by MusicWaves (FR) | Visit MusicWaves

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Album reviews

“Without Warning” (2017)

13/11/2017 | Review by Rock Tribune magazine (BE) | Visit Rock Tribune | Score: 8.5/10

12/10/2017 | Review by Necromance Digital Magazine (ES) | Visit Necromance | Score: 7.5/10


“Intense” (2014)

10/01/2015 | Review by Rocktopia (UK) | Visit Rocktopia

11/12/2014 | Review by Metalforces (UK) | Visit Metalforces

02/12/2014 | Review by Metalchroniques (FR) | Visit Metalchroniques

23/11/2014  | Review by Stereoinvaders (IT) | Visit Stereoinvaders

23/11/2014 | Review by Live Reviewer | Visit Live Reviewer

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