Megasonic started out as a studio project in 2012 when Jeroen De Bock and Lieven De Wolf teamed up with professional musical singer Dimitri Verhoeven. Together they started to write and record some powerful melodic metal. These recordings resulted in the worldwide release of their critically acclaimed debut album “Intense” by the renowned metal label Mausoleum in December 2014.

Because it was hard to perform their music live with just the three of them, Thomas Abeel (bass/ex-Everglow) and Dries Deturck (drums/ex-Monster Joe, ex-Crusader) joined their forces in 2014. Ever since, the band has played several venues and festivals to the satisfaction of both press and audiences.

In October 2017, Megasonic’s second studio album ‘Without Warning’ was released by the Greek metal label Sleaszy Rider Records.

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Ever since he was a little boy Dimitri had a special liking for the drums. So with the necessary educational training he later graduated as a classical percussionist. Dimitri started his artistic training at the “Muzische Vorming” department in Antwerp. Meanwhile, under the inspiring guidance of mentor Herbert Flack, he also attended classes at the theatrical department of Hoboken. Eventually, in 1994, he ended up at the musical department of the Conservatory of Brussels where he was able to work under the supervision of Peter De Smet. During these years he played together with Jeroen and Lieven in   the rock band Dakota as their singer. At the same time he also often provided the vocals for the cover band The Frantics. With this background Dimitri started his career as a self-employed solo artist and he mainly focused on musicals ever since. You could see him in Oliver, Daens, Bloedbroeders, Les Misérables, Rex, Dracula, Jesus Christ Superstar… just to name a few. In 2005 he received the Flemish Musical Award for his leading part in Bloedbroeders. Together with three female colleagues and a four headed ensemble he toured Belgium with the nostalgic theatre production Bakelietjes In 2008. He has also often shared the stage with the string orchestra Maxemillecorde and the Royal Harmony Orchestra O.B.K. of Zeist. Since 2009, Dimitri has participated each year in the summer revue at Het Witte Paard in Ostend. Dimitri entered “The Voice van Vlaanderen” competition in 2012. He passed the blind auditions with 3 coaches, but lost in the battles. During this period Jeroen asked Dimitri to join him and Lieven in Megasonic and if he could lend his voice to the project, for which he now does the lead and backing vocals.

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Jeroen first picked up the guitar during his high school days. After a few years of private lessons from fellow musician Lieven he soon started the garage band Grim Reaper. After this he went on to form Graceland, with whom he had his first live experience. In search of a bigger challenge he auditioned for the rock band Skyscraper. Not only did he raid many live stages with Skyscraper, they also did some studio work. For example, their work is found on the compilation album “Rock In Flanders”. During this period Jeroen also had some side projects. To still his musical hunger he started the rock band Dakota together with Lieven De Wolf (Prime Mover) and a few of the Skyscraper musicians. After some searching Dimitri Verhoeven proved to be the best choice as a singer. The band released a self-financed debut record produced by Lats Varga (Vengeance, Snowy White…) called “Where’s the Paper?”. The cd got favourable reviews in the specialised press, with among others, a score of 85 in metal magazine Aardschok. Under the name of Psycho Monkey the band recorded a second cd “In The Raw” at Midas Studios in Lokeren. Still the band didn’t play enough live shows to Jeroen’s opinion, so he fulfilled this need by joining the cover band The Frantics at the same time. All this ended in a period of contemplation for a few years. In the beginning of 2012 he became active again with the Megasonic studio project, recording his musical outbursts in his home studio together with Lieven and Dimitri.

Jeroen plays:
Guitars | Gibson Les Paul 2011 Custom Shop + Gibson Les Paul 2014 Studio Ltd.
Amp | Blackstar Series One 104EL34 100 Watts


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Lieven had his first musical experience somewhere in the mid 80’s as one of the guitarists of the pop and rock cover band The Nuts. Because he wanted to make heavier music he joined the rock band Rubicon in the late 80’s. This band released a demo tape under the name of Prime Mover. They got favourable reviews in some magazines and were often compared to popular bands like Def Leppard and Rainbow. In 1994 he started Dakota together with Jeroen, Dimitri and a few friends (see also Jeroen). Meanwhile he regularly did some studio work as a guitarist for all sorts of music: rock, pop, punk, even tear jerkers and Mardi Gras music… Some of these recordings were used on the 1997 compilation cd “Colors of Life”, a cd for a good cause with songs from other artists like T-Rex, Allan Merill and ex-members of The Sweet and Slade. To help out a few friends he played some of the guitar parts on Innerface’s 1999 single “Old Pictures”. One of the other songs from that single “Beam” is also featured on the in 1999 released Funtime Records compilation album “Elements”. In 2012 Lieven played for Bohemian Productions as the lead guitarist in the orchestra of the rock musical Passing Strange. The musical received the prize for the best Flemish non-professional production. Passing Strange is also nominated for the culture prize of the city of Sint-Niklaas. In the middle of 2012 he joined Jeroen in the Megasonic project, where he now focuses mainly on musical arrangements and writing song lyrics.

Lieven plays:
Guitar | Gibson Les Paul Standard 2014 Heritage Cherry Sunburst
Amp | Mesa Boogie Roadking II 150 Watts[/read]

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Megasonic’s youngest member got his first taste of heavy metal during his high school years. Aged 15, he started to play the electric guitar and bought his first real six string. One year later, he founded a rock band called Frozen Tears, together with some schoolmates. With this band, Thomas played on stage for the very first time. Unfortunately, Frozen Tears disbanded two years later. Soon after, Thomas joined the power metal band Everglow, in which he played the guitar for about one year. Afterwards, he decided to focus on playing blues and hard rock. During the next few years, Thomas didn’t play in any permanent bands. Nevertheless, he kept on playing the guitar, he played some shows with occasional bands and organized jam sessions in his hometown Sint-Niklaas. In 2013, Thomas joined Fisted Sister – a Twisted Sister tribute band – in which, to this day, he plays the role of guitarist Eddie Ojeda. In the summer of 2014, Thomas started to play the bass guitar and joined Megasonic as their bass player.

Thomas plays:
Bass | Ibanez Soundgear SR600-WNF
Amp | Ashdown ABM EVOII 500 Watts[/read]

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Dries started drumming in 1995 at the age of 14. When he turned 18 he joined the hard rock band Monster Joe. At the age of 19 he also joined the heavy metal band Crusader. He gained studio experience with the recording of Monster Joe’s demo “Salvation Through Liquor” and the EP “Meet Monster Joe”. You can also hear him on Crusader’s album “Fools”. Crusader disbanded and Monster Joe’s story also ended. What remains is tons of live experience: opening for bands like Saxon, Blaze Bailey, Y&T… and as a personal highlight, the Monster Joe concert on Wacken Open Air in 2006. Dries joined Megasonic in 2014. Two years later he recorded the drums for Without Warning – Megasonic’s second studio album – which will be released in 2017.

Dries plays:
Drums | 9 piece Sonor Designer
Cymbals | Sabian HH and HHX series
Bass drum pedals | TAMA Speed Cobra
Sticks | Vater 5A Nude[/read]