Megasonic started out as a studio project in 2012 when Jeroen De Bock and Lieven De Wolf teamed up with professional musical singer Dimitri Verhoeven. Together they started to write and record some powerful melodic metal. These recordings resulted in the worldwide release of their critically acclaimed debut album “Intense” by the renowned metal label Mausoleum in December 2014.

Because it was hard to perform their music live with just the three of them, Thomas Abeel (bass/ex-Everglow) and Dries Deturck (drums/ex-Monster Joe, ex-Crusader) joined their forces in 2014. Ever since, the band has played several venues and festivals to the satisfaction of both press and audiences.

The band has now finished their new album, which will be titled “Without Warning”. The album will be released by Sleaszy Rider Records in 2017.

Dimitri Verhoeven - vocals

Jeroen De Bock - guitar

Lieven De Wolf - guitar

Thomas Abeel - bass

Dries Deturck - drums